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Motivation and Disciplines

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Hope all has been wonderful and pleasantly dope with your lives! Me? Started second year of college this week (proven by the lack of posting) and it’s been cool. I got a good feeling about my professors thus far. Each are funny in their own quirky ways so that shall make for a good semester. I’m highly intrigued of what this Effective Public Speech class I have on Fridays shall entail. I have this hunch to utilize it as much as possible to improve my skill-set as a performer. All in all, I’m only at this college for one semester, but I shall indeed take advantage of all that is being given.

In other activity, I started the 16 Bars a Day discipline, credited and coined in song by the big homie ScienZe. The goal is simple, write a 16 bar verse everyday of the week to a different beat. The benefit; keeping the MC sword shogun sharp! Post Ramadan effects are the best I tell ya! Establishing good new habits FTW!

Amongst other things, I need to get to those other things, so I leave you all here. Our web presence is about to kick up some notches for the fall season. A flood of content approaches, so keep watch with your third eyes open. Gonna sort through behind the scenes photos from the Top Shelf Queen video shoot and make a post on that tomorrow. Until then, hope you all had a wonderful today, and an even more pleasant tomorrow!

“There ain’t no ‘trying’ anymore. Just do.” – Kesed


P.S. My song of the day:


Andrea Gibson in My Dreams

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I sat down for the first time in a while this evening to take a power nap. Reasons why I love napping; they’re nice breaks from reality, and the dreams that emanate from them (albeit this may be a more personalized attribute) often are wilder/more fun than those in my normal sleep cycles. Today in particular, one of my favourite poets (and lesbians) Andrea Gibson popped up. Out of nowhere, how it usually happens in a dream. Amongst a heavy amount of blabber between her and I, she schooled me on how to improve stage presence. Also, she explained why it’s important to wear eyeglasses. Guess that resulted from why I felt so tired in the first place, my contacts make my eyes feel real heavy sometimes.

I’m quite sure Andrea Gibson being in my dream indicates I should get to some writing. Before that, I leave you all with some of my favourite poems from her:

Thanks Ms. Gibson.

Hope you had a wonderful today, and a pleasant tomorrow.


And It’s a Wrap!

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Photo courtesy of our dear Jessica Jupiter.

On this lovely afternoon/evening in Brooklyn, we wrapped up the remaining scenes of our first music video for the “Top Shelf Queen (TSQ)” single. Great work by all crew who was on set and all those who participated in the first shoot. Gonna start reviewing the footage this week and probably drop a little teaser trailer at the end of the week. The stuff I’ve seen thus far is awesome and I am highly excited to edit this thing.

I really appreciate the support system we have. We curve into a circle that is like no other. So many talents. We are grateful for you all and your continuous support for the movement. Beautiful beginnings, beautiful work. On that note, I leave you all to capture the remaining tapes and go through The Roots discography.

Hope you had a wonderful today, and a pleasant tomorrow!


P.S. We’re all still on The Power Trip amirite?

The Video Shoot is Today! Come on Out!

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All Top Shelf Queens and people of all walks are invited! Come network, have a good time, and be in our first music video! =)

Click on poster to go to Facebook event to get all the info

See you later today! 2PM!

August 21, 2010
in Brooklyn Heights
Bring friends and
your significant sugh (other)!
Bring cameras to take photos/behind the scenes vids, etc.

Contact humuni for more info

Meet specifically @ The High Street Brooklyn Bridge Train Stop
A/C trains to High Street, Brooklyn Bridge

Here’s the Top Shelf Queen Snippet!

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Click the poster for a link to hear the snippet! And then, mark your calendar to attend our video shoot on August 21! That’s next Saturday! See you then

Have a wonderful today, and a pleasant tomorrow.

HumUni Presents: The TSQ Video Shoot!

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It’s going down! Our first official music video!

Hey! Would you like to be in a music video for HumUni? We are doing a video for our single “T.S.Q. (Top Shelf Queen)” and we need extras:

Ladies, fellas and your significant sugh (other)

We will be shooting most likely early afternoon to the evening of August 21, 2010 at the following locations:

Brooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn Promenade
Ft Greene Neighborhood/Park Slope
RELC113 Park
(All in the Brooklyn Heights Area)

If you are interested or want more information on the music video reply to the message here or email us, and we shall send you the script. We want this to be organically made and would like everyone’s input and participation.

We also chose the date of August 21 in the guess that this is the last Saturday available to most of you before everyone returns to school.

We will create a Facebook event for the shoot as well as update you all throughout the week. Make sure to spread the word about it, we want this first music video to be as epic and fun as possible.

send an MSG through Facebook to either Mokgethi Mega Thinane or Ishmael Ish Islam

Send a DM on Twitter to either @Mega_TheMC , @iconic_ish, or @humuni

Email Us at

Have a wonderful today, and a pleasant tomorrow!

Where the Top Shelf Queens At?

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The single drops very soon. Dropping a snippet this week. Stay tuned!

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