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And It’s a Wrap!

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Photo courtesy of our dear Jessica Jupiter.

On this lovely afternoon/evening in Brooklyn, we wrapped up the remaining scenes of our first music video for the “Top Shelf Queen (TSQ)” single. Great work by all crew who was on set and all those who participated in the first shoot. Gonna start reviewing the footage this week and probably drop a little teaser trailer at the end of the week. The stuff I’ve seen thus far is awesome and I am highly excited to edit this thing.

I really appreciate the support system we have. We curve into a circle that is like no other. So many talents. We are grateful for you all and your continuous support for the movement. Beautiful beginnings, beautiful work. On that note, I leave you all to capture the remaining tapes and go through The Roots discography.

Hope you had a wonderful today, and a pleasant tomorrow!


P.S. We’re all still on The Power Trip amirite?


Long Live The Power Trip!

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(Click cover art to download)

Team G20’s “The Power Trip” has just reached 200 downloads. Pretty good! Thank you all for the love and support. Let’s get it to 300 downloads now. Share the power folks. It’s in your hands!

Have a wonderful today, and a pleasant tomorrow.

The Night is On Your Mind?

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Take “The Power Trip” it’s fine.

(Click cover art to download song)

Like the Tribe reference there eh?

Enjoy tonight’s music selection folks. Hope your today was wonderful, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Team G20’s: THE POWER TRIP! Download Here!

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(Click cover art to download)

Hope you enjoy! Please let us know what you think. All of our contact info in the .zip file

And in case you didn’t see the trailer from earlier today:


Happy September, have a wonderful powerful today and pleasant powerful tomorrow!

The Power Trip Approaches!

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Check the trailer (spontaneously came upon me to do today)! Hope you all like it. More importantly, spread the word about it and check back here and our other sites at midnight tonight for the full song!


Midnight! Have a pleasant time until we see you then.

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