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Tape-Up Tuesdays: Nas

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It’s Tuesday again! So you already what it’s time for! TUT (I guess that’s an abbreviation for it now…)

This week covers the slick fade of another hip hop legend, Nasir Jones.

Nas is one who maintains the taper superbly. I think the best shot of his do is the It Was Written album cover (one of his best albums too). It’s a near perfect example of clean-cut tape-up.

Mega and I were discussing Nas and top-list of favourite MCs on the train yesterday coming home. I personally kept spotting Nas as number 10 in my top ten. Most likely it’ll stay that way. He definitely tops the list of best tape-ups around though.

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s edition of TUT (yep that’s the official abbreviation). Check back next Tuesday for a fresher issue!

Have a wonderful today, and a pleasant tomorrow.



Tape-Up Tuesdays: Q-Tip

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Welcome to another edition of Tape-Up Tuesdays! Third to be exact. This week, I’m featuring the do’ of legendary MC, and certainly one of my influences, Kamaal Ibn John Fareed (he couldn’t take the John out?), or Q-Tip.

Now, in the Renaissance Rap video, the right side is fresh. Just the right side, it bes like that sometimes. I think of all the tape-ups I’ve seen, my do resembles Tip. Fresh!

And this concludes today’s Tape-Up Tuesdays! Hope you all enjoyed, have a wonderful today and a pleasant tomorrow.


Tape-Up Tuesdays: Denzel Washington

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It’s Tuesday again, and you know what that means! Time for another pic of the dopest tape-ups known to freshness. This week, Denzel Washington:

The Training Day joint was crisp. But he had his best cut in Mo’ Better Blues. A movie you all should watch, especially if you’re an artist/musician.

Check back every Tuesday for another fresh edition of…well…Tape-Up Tuesdays!

Hope you had a wonderful today, and pleasant tomorrow.


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