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Another Public Service Announcement by HumUni

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Please support good music and download HumUni’s first official mixtape, Group Think for FREE on Thanksgiving Day, 11.25.2010 via Have a wonderful today and a pleasant tomorrow. =)



The Roseland Ballroom is Where You Wanna Be Tomorrow!

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Knicks Poetry Slam Open Auditions and College Fair
Monday, October 11th 2010
Roseland Ballroom
239 West 52nd Street
(Between Broadway & 8th Avenue)

Sign up at

Special Performances By


Be there!

Hip-Hop Theater Festival 2010: Young, Gifted, and Hyped

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TONIGHT! 10/6 7:30PM! $10

Cherry Pit Theater (155 Bank Street btwn. 7th and 8th Ave.)

Ceez-Live, Lauren Anderson, and myself are performing renditions/excerpts of our one-man/woman shows! You don’t wanna miss it! SO BE THERE!

Especially if you’re in the NYC area.

Otaye, have a wonderful today.


Andrea Gibson in My Dreams

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I sat down for the first time in a while this evening to take a power nap. Reasons why I love napping; they’re nice breaks from reality, and the dreams that emanate from them (albeit this may be a more personalized attribute) often are wilder/more fun than those in my normal sleep cycles. Today in particular, one of my favourite poets (and lesbians) Andrea Gibson popped up. Out of nowhere, how it usually happens in a dream. Amongst a heavy amount of blabber between her and I, she schooled me on how to improve stage presence. Also, she explained why it’s important to wear eyeglasses. Guess that resulted from why I felt so tired in the first place, my contacts make my eyes feel real heavy sometimes.

I’m quite sure Andrea Gibson being in my dream indicates I should get to some writing. Before that, I leave you all with some of my favourite poems from her:

Thanks Ms. Gibson.

Hope you had a wonderful today, and a pleasant tomorrow.


Renaissance Semis

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You don’t wanna miss this folks. If you’re in Brooklyn today, come through!

We Have Two Shows This Week! Come Support!

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This Thursday 8PM-12PM. Five Spot Lounge

(459 Myrtle Ave. btwn. Willoughby and Washington Avenues. Brooklyn, NY)

$10 at the door





Urban Word NYC 2010 Youth Board’s YB Heard Show!

Another afternoon of super dope performances along with the HumUni!

Saturday June 12th, 2010

Nuyorican Poets Cafe

(236 E. 3rd Street btwn. Avenues B & C)

We’re gonna tear the roof off the Nuyo. Believe it!


A Poem and A Demanding Request

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Here’s a new piece I just finished this evening. I’d really like some feedback on it if possible.


Falling asleep to indie-folk melodies

I fantasize of living by the light-house

Where woman of my dreams watches me dodge the wind chills of foreign vibrations

To sail to her heart—all over again

I used to love her prior to breaking her heart

With beat breaks of overused samples

After being fed up, she sat me down one night and said:

“Make your own sounds

Be more original

Be fresher

Declare your own voice

Pilot this vessel baby

Leave be autopilots and auto-tunes

My true rhythms won’t mislead you”

She still can lyric me in pleasant lilac shades, just because she’s cool like that

Shorty still makes me think, she continues:

“Don’t be the chameleon lying on society’s log

Blending in so much you never allow love and freedom to see you

Don’t be a gecko sticking to surfaces of nonsense

Lizards lie

You are cub full of pride, the kind Disney couldn’t fathom

Because you followed the original rhythms

The ones that turned the world on its ear

And after thirty plus years of becoming the world’s culture

Executive vultures fxcking me and your favorites over

Babe, you still nod your head while your heartbeat syncs

Lemme ask you—do you still love me?”

Say no more babe, you know you have my heart forever

I just often miss the pages of your Essence

Because that’s when you’re issues were impactful as an asteroid of emotions

Missing the purest of you

Like how a lady who went natural subconsciously misses the salon

Sometimes…I still see the beauty in your third eye

Our hearts are getting heavier

Like usual, she caresses my ears more than my face

Because listening to her makes me smile anyway

The mood is calming as her introspective punch-lines

She speaks to my soul again:

“Baby, it scares me as to how you put me before God sometimes

After all I am his gift to you, don’t forget the truest originator

Even with that I indeed am number one in the oneness of you

All the verses in your veins

The snares and kicks in your arteries

The bass breathing through your heart murmur

I know you still feel it all, no matter how you switch on me sometimes

For grunge and ukulele strums and melodic hums of bizarre synths

I love how you’re a man of expanding

Besides you see all those elements in me

Just don’t forget the elementary of your permanent infatuation

Understand, no matter how many Award Tours you go on

The greatest thing that Glows in the Dark is the beat of your soul…”

We were the embryos of lively scat singing of jazz symphonies

Big band, enjoying the om bap, swinging with her for as long as I can

Bebop till we die, replace the B’s with H’s for her heavenly humanity

That’s why I stopped calling her a bxtch

Because she’s always been there for me since the year of ‘92

When I found H.E.R. with a heart of gold—that turned platinum

Her soul black and pure, oil-filled, rich she isn’t, but wealthy with spirit

And I’m glad she’s mine, brown sugar, going natural growing fro on me, I love it all

Fresh to life she is, the world’s greatest natural resource

Hip hop till we die, I still see beautiful verses in her third eye

I—love H.E.R. still…

And ya don’t stop

And we won’t stop…



Going to Target tomorrow right after class to cop! Can’t wait.



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