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Tape-Up Tuesdays: Q-Tip

Posted in Ish's Picks, Media, Music, photography, Tape Up Tuesdays with tags , , , , , , , , on October 12, 2010 by Ish

Welcome to another edition of Tape-Up Tuesdays! Third to be exact. This week, I’m featuring the do’ of legendary MC, and certainly one of my influences, Kamaal Ibn John Fareed (he couldn’t take the John out?), or Q-Tip.

Now, in the Renaissance Rap video, the right side is fresh. Just the right side, it bes like that sometimes. I think of all the tape-ups I’ve seen, my do resembles Tip. Fresh!

And this concludes today’s Tape-Up Tuesdays! Hope you all enjoyed, have a wonderful today and a pleasant tomorrow.



Preserving Hip Hop (e.g.)

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Browsing the hip hop blogs as usual. These two videos leave my heart filled tonight.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is how we’ll preserve hip hop. Blend the generations. No gaps, just full toothed smiles and fulfilled ears.

And then…

I remember I was with my dad seeing Roc Raida live somewhere. RIP.

Rest well hip hop heads. Hope you had a wonderful today and a pleasant tomorrow.


The Night is On Your Mind?

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Take “The Power Trip” it’s fine.

(Click cover art to download song)

Like the Tribe reference there eh?

Enjoy tonight’s music selection folks. Hope your today was wonderful, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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