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The Night is On Your Mind?

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Take “The Power Trip” it’s fine.

(Click cover art to download song)

Like the Tribe reference there eh?

Enjoy tonight’s music selection folks. Hope your today was wonderful, and have a pleasant tomorrow.


The Power Trip Approaches!

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Check the trailer (spontaneously came upon me to do today)! Hope you all like it. More importantly, spread the word about it and check back here and our other sites at midnight tonight for the full song!


Midnight! Have a pleasant time until we see you then.

The Power Trip Sunday!

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Today we’re recording the Team G20 Power remix. Verses are ready and everyone is ecstatic. You should be too! In honor of today being the birthday of The King of Pop (or music period arguably), we’ll give a stellar performance in the studio to honor his work ethic of creating music. It’s a powerful day today, can you feel it?!

To commemorate today, one of MJ’s most powerful songs

Have a wonderful today, and a pleasant tomorrow. =)

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