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Ish’s Favourite Mixtapes of 2010!

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Here’s my favourite mixtapes of the year, ranked by my opinion. Keep in mind, these are the projects I consistently listened to throughout the year, there were plenty of other mixtapes that were dope as well. I’d go into full detail descriptions of why each tape was so dope to me, but save that for a later post. Click on each title for a link to download them for free! GO GO GO!

20. There Is No Competition 2 (The Funeral Service) – Fabolous

19. Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz – Dead Prez

18. Мишка Presents Trillwave – The Hood Internet

17. Trunk Muzik – Yelawolf

16. Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst – Joe Budden

15. Smokee Robinson – Curren$y

14. Kush & Orange Juice – Wiz Khalifa

13. TheMixtape Mixtape – Dom O Briggs

12. Friday Night Lights – J. Cole

11. Don’t Mention It – Pac Div

10. The Letterman – Phil Ade

9. Tacklebox – The Cool Kids

8. From The Westside With Love – Dom Kennedy

7. More About Nothing – Wale

6. (O)verly (D)edicated – Kendrick Lamar

5. Ode 2 Dilla – ScienZe

4. The Sounds of Music – Dom O Briggs

3. Group Think – HumUni

2. Hall Pass – ScienZe

1. MSTRD – TiRon

Download all of these folks, they’re all FREE! Just click on the links of the names of each project, help with the preservation of good hip-hop out there. Thank you in advance. What were your favourite mixtapes this year?



FlyeGhi Shaun’s “High Definition” Music Video!

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Our family/team works hard like us too! Check the Bizzy Bee x Planet Fli Music Group production

Also check the new Planet Fli Music Group blog!


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Alright, so there’s this artist my roomate and I found when I was at Pratt. His work is dope. Hellishly dope! Skinner Davis. I can’t ever say this dude’s name out loud without saying it as Superintendent Chalmers from The Simpsons.

Anyway, it’s been months since I last checked for dude. Today I found out via the Mishka Bloglin that he has a new gallery with new work. Just wanted to share some cool art with you all. Enjoy.

Skinner Davis: The Fear You May Know

Have a wonderful rest of the day!

P.S. We dropped “The Power Trip” at the top of today. Enjoy it this afternoon, and then tonight, and the next day, etc.

Download of the Day: Drink The Sea Part Two – GlitchMob

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Found via the Mishka Bloglin.

Listening to this now, enjoying the mashup of hip hop vocals (Jay-Z, Nas, Wale, Fabolous, Lil Wayne, M.I.A, etc.). Pretty dope download. Gonna check out the rest of GlitchMob’s work later. Enjoy. Click on image to download.

Otaye, hope you’ve had a wonderful today. Cheers for a pleasant tomorrow.


Why Tapes Matter

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‎”Why Tapes Matter” by Rue Sauvage. Quite the interesting read for you music heads. Cassettes and Culture. Via Mishka NYC bloglin.

‎”It’s only a matter of time until the music and art world is completely owned and run by those who actually play a real part in it” -J. Wing

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