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FREE Goodies for You: HumUni Desktop Wallpapers!

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Wassup beautiful people! Hope your Sunday and weekend in entirety has been wonderful. To end it all nicely, we have some free goodies for you. Desktop wallpapers! Check them out below, all designed by Ish. Click on each for a larger image, and to download the .zip file in various resolutions to fit your screen click here! It also comes with a cool word doc that explains all things HumUni, even the meaning behind our logo!

Also, don’t forget to watch the “Daytona 500” music video if you haven’t already.

Hope you all enjoy the art as much as we enjoy making it for you. Please share with friends and spread the word. It’s movement. It’s HumUni son!

Have a wonderful today, and a pleasant tomorrow.



Good Day, Cool Breeze, Good People

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Song of the Day:

Hope your Saturday was excellent. Mega and I? Dope indeed. It was one of those cool breeze Saturdays. The one where everything is chill, even work. We performed along our Urban Word NYC youth board members at Theatre 80 for HOWL Fest today (to an audience of just ourselves). Was dope to just get some stage time, and in NYC that is always a blessing. Even more cool were the wireless mics they had available, thus minus an audience, the performance was pretty ideal. Rocked it! Hey, you should’ve been there.

Afterwards, we spent the rest of the day with my twin sister Ka’Mone Felix. Chillin’ and mackin’ as she says. Simply put, cool breeze, wandering eyes, good conversation, and tastefully distasteful playing of the dozens. Oh, and skelly in Chipotle! See what I mean? You need these kinds of days, especially in the midst of being a chaotically creative busy-body. I thoroughly enjoyed the subtle somethings this Saturday. A lot of love in the end.

Hope you had a wonderful today, and a pleasant tomorrow.



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V E R D E R Y   K N I G H T S

Is an angel’s name. Happy birthday, I miss you, we miss you. We Love you. RIP.

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