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Begin Your Day With Us! And Laugh!

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We catch up with two mad rappers (Mooley and Ig’nant) to ask of their observatory consensus on the hip hop duo HumUni. And quite frankly, they’re very mad.

HumUni presents “Group Think”. Free Mixtape! November 25, 2010. Keep your third eye open for the propaganda.

Have a wonderful today and a pleasant tomorrow.



We Have Another Interview

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By our dear friend/colleague/fan Jessica Jupiter over at her GrandStand blog. Check it out. And if you haven’t downloaded already, New  York Nano Seconds is here. Have a pleasant and productive day. =)

The First Article About Us!

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Read it, read it, read it! It’s the first article written about us by our friend Lin Que who you should also go and support as well. I would like to thank her again for conducting an interview with us earlier to write this. Thanks Lin!

So, after you read, please be kind and repost the link to the entry on wherever you can. Spread the word! We are stepping further into the light. 🙂

More stuff soon, peace.


H.U.M.U.N.I…Vintage Hip Hop 2009

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