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HumUni x Roseland Ballroom NYC (Video)

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So…we haven’t posted here in a while. Sad but, there’s always content! Less talk, more content! Check it out:

Have a wonderful today, and a pleasant tomorrow. =)


Another Public Service Announcement by HumUni

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Please support good music and download HumUni’s first official mixtape, Group Think for FREE on Thanksgiving Day, 11.25.2010 via Have a wonderful today and a pleasant tomorrow. =)


A Thought for this Morning: Via Barbara Kruger

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“In every room we sit in there is a hierarchy. I teach, and you feel it in the classroom. All of us, for our life, we will always be living to some degree in that same kind of choreography that we had in the high school cafeteria. It’s that social relation I try to make my work about, both the brutalities and kindness of that hierarchy.” – Barbara Kruger, Juxtapoz November 2010 Issue


Group Think, a mixtape by HumUni, available Thanksgiving 2010

UrbanWordNYC Uptown Open Today At 5PM!

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Hip-Hop Theater Festival 2010: Young, Gifted, and Hyped

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TONIGHT! 10/6 7:30PM! $10

Cherry Pit Theater (155 Bank Street btwn. 7th and 8th Ave.)

Ceez-Live, Lauren Anderson, and myself are performing renditions/excerpts of our one-man/woman shows! You don’t wanna miss it! SO BE THERE!

Especially if you’re in the NYC area.

Otaye, have a wonderful today.


Andrea Gibson in My Dreams

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I sat down for the first time in a while this evening to take a power nap. Reasons why I love napping; they’re nice breaks from reality, and the dreams that emanate from them (albeit this may be a more personalized attribute) often are wilder/more fun than those in my normal sleep cycles. Today in particular, one of my favourite poets (and lesbians) Andrea Gibson popped up. Out of nowhere, how it usually happens in a dream. Amongst a heavy amount of blabber between her and I, she schooled me on how to improve stage presence. Also, she explained why it’s important to wear eyeglasses. Guess that resulted from why I felt so tired in the first place, my contacts make my eyes feel real heavy sometimes.

I’m quite sure Andrea Gibson being in my dream indicates I should get to some writing. Before that, I leave you all with some of my favourite poems from her:

Thanks Ms. Gibson.

Hope you had a wonderful today, and a pleasant tomorrow.


Renaissance Semis

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You don’t wanna miss this folks. If you’re in Brooklyn today, come through!

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