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Under 16 Days Away from Group Think!

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Beautiful people, 11.25.2010 slowly but surely approaches. Get ready!

And it’s a Wrap! The Recording that Is…

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As of November 7th 2010, we completed all raw recording of our first official mixtape “Group Think” dropping Thanksgiving Day 2010. All that remains is editing/mixing/mastering. We’re putting so much love into this project folks. Hope you all will enjoy, I’m quite confident you will.

It’s the AM. Good morning. Have a wonderful today and a pleasant tomorrow.

We’re Releasing Some FREE Music Tomorrow!

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The trick is that it’s not being released on Halloween. The treat is, it’s being released tomorrow. FreEP for you lovely people.

If you were around the city this summer, you may have gotten the physical copy of our EP Coming Attractions. Since then we’ve been holding onto it, but with the release of our major mixtape project Group Think under a few weeks from release, we’re throwing this out there. Get a buzz going, so help us out because we love to do it for you. It’ll be available through several media download sources which we shall detail tomorrow. Front and back cover art with tracklisting below. =)



Hope you look forward to tomorrow. It shall be pleasant. Hope your today was wonderful.


Rest In Paradise Jam Master Jay

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Tape-Up Tuesdays: Nas

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It’s Tuesday again! So you already what it’s time for! TUT (I guess that’s an abbreviation for it now…)

This week covers the slick fade of another hip hop legend, Nasir Jones.

Nas is one who maintains the taper superbly. I think the best shot of his do is the It Was Written album cover (one of his best albums too). It’s a near perfect example of clean-cut tape-up.

Mega and I were discussing Nas and top-list of favourite MCs on the train yesterday coming home. I personally kept spotting Nas as number 10 in my top ten. Most likely it’ll stay that way. He definitely tops the list of best tape-ups around though.

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s edition of TUT (yep that’s the official abbreviation). Check back next Tuesday for a fresher issue!

Have a wonderful today, and a pleasant tomorrow.


Judging by The Cover

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This cover is the dopeness! Awesome manipulation of light and shadow here, and it translates perfectly the tone/themes that’s set for this album. And the window of stars in the background just adds the stylization and symmetry of the composition.

Enough with the artsy terms. I think Cudi’s kicking it up a notch with this LP. Read the Complex mag interview today too. Dude’s been having a hectic ride on the fame coaster. No hypebeast, if the artwork alone parallels with the quality of this album, I’m very excited! Don’t mess it up Cudder!

I’ll admit it now. I’m a sucker for album art. A huge groupie for it. I feel your album cover should look just as good as your album sounds. And vice-versa, even sometimes intertwined on both sides, looks as whack as your albums sounds. I’ve gotten back into the habit of purchasing the tangible CDs of albums in the past year or two, even placing the covers on my wall. Like I said, I’m a sucker, and this fall there’ll be some dope looking product!

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