Judging by The Cover

This cover is the dopeness! Awesome manipulation of light and shadow here, and it translates perfectly the tone/themes that’s set for this album. And the window of stars in the background just adds the stylization and symmetry of the composition.

Enough with the artsy terms. I think Cudi’s kicking it up a notch with this LP. Read the Complex mag interview today too. Dude’s been having a hectic ride on the fame coaster. No hypebeast, if the artwork alone parallels with the quality of this album, I’m very excited! Don’t mess it up Cudder!

I’ll admit it now. I’m a sucker for album art. A huge groupie for it. I feel your album cover should look just as good as your album sounds. And vice-versa, even sometimes intertwined on both sides, looks as whack as your albums sounds. I’ve gotten back into the habit of purchasing the tangible CDs of albums in the past year or two, even placing the covers on my wall. Like I said, I’m a sucker, and this fall there’ll be some dope looking product!


One Response to “Judging by The Cover”

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