Artist Spotlight: Kendrick Lamar

Been checking the Compton MC out since earlier this summer. Dude is dope to me. In specifics, I appreciate the heart he puts into the product, you can feel it. The dude is honest in lyrics and I also like his experimentation in flows. Most recently he dropped his latest project (O)verly (D)edicated which you can purchase on iTunes to support the artist. Last night it’s been available for free download via Kendrick Lamar himself. Look out for this guy and his whole “black hippie” movement. It’s something refreshing to keep an eye on. One of my picks for XXL Freshman Ten 2011 for sure.

Music video from the OD project. I love this cut, one of the best hooks I’ve heard this year. “Cut You Off”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Gonna go work on some really cool promotional stuff HumUni has in store for the upcoming month. And write my 16 for today. Support great artists like Kendrick Lamar and us!

Have a wonderful today and a pleasant tomorrow.



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