Motivation and Disciplines


Hope all has been wonderful and pleasantly dope with your lives! Me? Started second year of college this week (proven by the lack of posting) and it’s been cool. I got a good feeling about my professors thus far. Each are funny in their own quirky ways so that shall make for a good semester. I’m highly intrigued of what this Effective Public Speech class I have on Fridays shall entail. I have this hunch to utilize it as much as possible to improve my skill-set as a performer. All in all, I’m only at this college for one semester, but I shall indeed take advantage of all that is being given.

In other activity, I started the 16 Bars a Day discipline, credited and coined in song by the big homie ScienZe. The goal is simple, write a 16 bar verse everyday of the week to a different beat. The benefit; keeping the MC sword shogun sharp! Post Ramadan effects are the best I tell ya! Establishing good new habits FTW!

Amongst other things, I need to get to those other things, so I leave you all here. Our web presence is about to kick up some notches for the fall season. A flood of content approaches, so keep watch with your third eyes open. Gonna sort through behind the scenes photos from the Top Shelf Queen video shoot and make a post on that tomorrow. Until then, hope you all had a wonderful today, and an even more pleasant tomorrow!

“There ain’t no ‘trying’ anymore. Just do.” – Kesed


P.S. My song of the day:


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