HumUni Presents: The TSQ Video Shoot!

It’s going down! Our first official music video!

Hey! Would you like to be in a music video for HumUni? We are doing a video for our single “T.S.Q. (Top Shelf Queen)” and we need extras:

Ladies, fellas and your significant sugh (other)

We will be shooting most likely early afternoon to the evening of August 21, 2010 at the following locations:

Brooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn Promenade
Ft Greene Neighborhood/Park Slope
RELC113 Park
(All in the Brooklyn Heights Area)

If you are interested or want more information on the music video reply to the message here or email us, and we shall send you the script. We want this to be organically made and would like everyone’s input and participation.

We also chose the date of August 21 in the guess that this is the last Saturday available to most of you before everyone returns to school.

We will create a Facebook event for the shoot as well as update you all throughout the week. Make sure to spread the word about it, we want this first music video to be as epic and fun as possible.

send an MSG through Facebook to either Mokgethi Mega Thinane or Ishmael Ish Islam

Send a DM on Twitter to either @Mega_TheMC , @iconic_ish, or @humuni

Email Us at

Have a wonderful today, and a pleasant tomorrow!


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