Mega Speaks On The Making Of “G&G”

We were dying to get into the studio after HumUni Party. We had just reached like 4000 somethin plays on MySpace. But We always felt and we say to this day “HumUni Party” was just an introduction to the world. The response to it was unexpected. That was our “OK, We’re a group, we make songs, this is our first song” song if that makes sense. It turned into this epic high school party jam. But anyways, back to the we’re in the studio with Tek and we’re talking about new material and he’s playing these beats, I think in this session we picked the beat for My Reasons too. So the G&G beat plays and we’re nodding to it, like crazy. First thing me and Ish think about is “Bombs Over Baghdad” by Outkast. It just had that feeling and that energy sonically. It sounds like a big record. And the rhythm is different than what you find in today’s hip hop. That’s another reason why we really liked it. Honestly me and Ish was originally like, yo, G&G is gonna be the one thats going to smash.

So Tek gives us the beat to write to in our own respective space, come back next week for the next studio session and rock it. I think we had like a week. A day before the session, we didn’t have the record (mad funny cause that always happens). Mind you, we’re in school, this is a Friday. Had to be cause the session was Saturday. So me and Ish text each other like yo, we need a hook. So we meet up and started bumping the track. this was the first record we did where we worked in the same space, like trading ideas for hooks and verse, what we wanted to song to be.

He got the beat on his iPod, so we’re listening to it on his headphones. Now mind you all day I was listening to Raekwon’s Only Built For Cuban Linx. And one of my favorite joints on it is “Can It Be All So Simple”. The hook for that track is go like, “dedicated to the Gods and the Earths, dedicated to babies who came feet first”. So that sparked an idea in my head “this is dedicated to the DJs and B-Boys” and so forth. In the second line I say “this is dedicated to the mother’s goin P-Noid” like how Bilal said “paranoid” on the Clipse song “Nightmares”. So G&G is already inspired by an Outkast song, a hook by Raekwon, and slang from a Clipse song (OHDEE).

The session was mad fun too! Just alot of re-takes…Tek kept wanting us to bring up the energy. He like “it has to be….more…huge” It had to be like an event. He really worked on the bridge with us, all the “hey! you! there! moments” we recorded like 3 takes of us doing that and then Tek worked his magic, making it sound like this chant…same thing with the “Higher, we gon take ya, we gon take ya” section. The ending is funny because Ish and I we’re in the booth together finishing the song, just finished saying the last “Brooklyn” and I was getting ready to say “aww i messed up” i thought i messed up somewhere and then something happened, I think Tek stopped playing the beat that’s why if you listen close, at the end you can hear Ish say “why we still talkin?” and i start laughin. Then we play the whole song and that just fit! Like wow! That was almost a blooper moment for the DVD and it ended up being a perfect ending for the record.

G&G is our coming out party, i think it served as a better introduction to HumUni than “HumUni Party” did. That’s why at the end of my verse I say “After HumUni Party we done celebratin, time for more educatin and elevatin” Like, yo HumUni Party was nice but, this right here,…this is what we’re really about.


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