So How’d the Session Go Today?!

Pretty well actually. Despite the small physical space of the particular studio we record in, I love the mental space it leaves for creativity. I pay a lot of attention to happenings in the industry, the artists I follow, company events, who runs who, who own who, etc. It’s good to be abreast of the field you’re getting into. However, when it comes down to the actual craft, all those external aspects and even the interviews I read/watch daily all vanish as soon as that red button activates. It’s sort of a “be of the world not in it” kind of thing, which I am beginning to understand more day by day.

Another plus of today’s session was an outlook of us, that came from outside Mega and I to some extent. Our producer, Aztek (also my dad) gave detail of what he saw our dynamic and chemistry as a group. The specific ways in which we compliment each other’s lyrical styles, vocal abilities, etc. We’re all together! What remains, as he states is “the look of us.” Idk, I won’t really speak on that now as I want to ponder on that more, but hey, we are going to be a problem!

I’m very excited about this year as far as HumUni is concerned. Our pot is beginning to bubble. I mean, in less than a week we’ve already had two studio sessions. Not only is quality work being created but we’re also knocking out songs in twos. Next session (next Wednesday) we intend to knock out three or four.

Some new video footage (and footage last summer that should’ve been uploaded) is coming very soon. Stay tuned.

Peace and have Pleasant tomorrow.



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