Little Bumps to End the Hump Day

Hope your Wednesdays went well. I had a midterm review in my drawing class. It went well, got some good and helpful feedback and conversation with the professor. It certainly boosted mine, now I have the utmost will to go harder in that class–and of course everything else progressive.


Theophilus London makes some goood shxt! Another Brooklyn artist. Leave it to us to do it the best. 😉


M I R R O R ~ by Widjita

"M I R R O R" ~ by Widjita

Latest piece by a photographer I’ve been following on for a while. He’s dope, and his models are beautiful. Click on the photo to check his profile.

May pleasant dreams flow into your mornings world. I’m gonna continue zoning out to Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue.”




One Response to “Little Bumps to End the Hump Day”

  1. I love Theophilus! (Monk & The Rapper LOL) Cold Pillow w/ Jesse B. is my favorite track. The photographer you suggested is dope as well. Thanks for the links 😉


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