Detroit Red Cleaned Up x Chicago Mayne!

Detroit Red cleaned up...

There it is, our new look for our myspace music page. Simple but dynamic I guess. Let us know what you think.  Trying to figure out what more we can add to the page. I am a complete novice to web design; so all the Flash modules and banners and stuff I don’t know how to make…yet.

Aside from that, I’ve been getting questions about our band name, what it means, how we formed it, why we chose it, etc. (Thanks Alex). We have explained it to people we know before, but never put the documentation of HumUni in a place where everyone can read up on it. As a result, what we will do is dedicate a couple of upcoming posts to how we define H U M U N I in an effort to answer all of your questions. Thinking of a fresh way to format it, perhaps dissect it into a series of posts. Should be some fun write ups. Be on the lookout.


Lupe is one of the dopest to come to hip hop since the new millenium. Hands down. Just don’t forget that, EVER! Been bumping The Cool and Food & Liquor like crazy, but check out his new joint, off the New Moon soundtrack: Solar Midnite


Dope album cover. I can’t wait for this. Personally not claiming an album of the year until I cop this.

Done with the morning post. Off to see Where the Wild Things Are. Peace.



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