New Stuff New Stuff!

Look above and tell us what you think.  Just made it tonight as a little practice with what I’ve been learning about colours in my Light/Colour/Design class.

I’ve been contemplating on writing reviews for The Blueprint 3 and Man on the Moon: The End of Day, amongst  many other things. Two of my top favorite albums of the year, and I haven’t written a review in ages, would be a good exercise. Hopefully I can draft them by this weekend.

Also, I’ve been taking pictures of the work I’ve been doing at Pratt thus far. Will be uploading them via Flickr soon. That should be some more substantial content for people to look at. I’ll certainly ask Mega to find a way to digitize and upload his stuff. Gonna get him geeked up on this social networking thing, lol.

Stuff to Share:

Here’s me, in a spoken word performance:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This was back in March of this year. I was in a spoken word competition for Urban Word NYC’s grand slam team of 2009. Made it to the semis and performed this piece “The Journey Back to Sanity.” It’s cool and weird to see how far I’ve come along in performance and writing from that. Still dope I think, even if I messed up. Hopefully I’ll go all the way for the 2010 competition. Thanks for watching.

Song of the Day

Jay-Z “Cashmere Thoughts”

That be all for the moment.



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2 Responses to “New Stuff New Stuff!”

  1. I approve the idea of you writing another review. It’s been maybe a year or two since I’ve read a review from you Ish – not since our old GameSpot days.

    Other than that, I was wondering; in the center of the banner, that…globe thing, did you make it yourself? And if you did, what do you call it? I like it a lot.

  2. Thanks for commenting Alex. The globe thing is part of our band logo, but only part of it is shown in the banner, with the full thing as those two small icons on the left and right. If you go back some posts you’ll get a full view of the logo.

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