It’s Time to Update–For Real This Time!

Wassup everyone. Hope you missed us, and if not, understandable. We haven’t really been active with anything lately. And I’m not going to say “WE’RE BACK!” because we aren’t completely, and it’s a cliche statement. But anyway, we (at least me, Ish) will be posting again. Been inspired by a few blogs I’ve been keeping up with and I’d like to share the things I come across day to day.

Both Mega and I have been doing the college thing; getting used to our new schedules, new responsibilities, the newness in practically everything in our lives. As far as us as HumUni is concerned, we have been plotting and planning, meticulously at every chance we get. There are some moves we’ll be making in the coming weeks, which I will reveal in details at later dates, but let’s just say the level ambition has reached a new height. Be on the lookout.

I have some things that are more tangible to share with you all. Some food for thought. Personally, I’ve been heavy into my reading and writing. Being a lot more heavily involved in Urban Word NYC and my artistry in general is forcing me to. My state of being recently is that of a sponge. I’m absorbing everything I can from everyone I can.  Because every individual has knowledge and a perspective to give from the homeless man on the street to a distant friend. In an attempt to update this blog on a more constant basis, I have ideas for posting a daily poem/video/piece/quote etc. Or I’ll just all of them in one post at times.

So to begin, here’s a spoken word by Rafael Casal, “Monster.” A lot of this piece exemplifies how I feel about myself at times, especially when it comes to how I may treat others. Casal is definitely a dope poet. Check it out:

L  I  N  K  A  G  E

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