Want to Download Some of Our Tracks for FREE?!

Have you ever wanted to listen to our music and your internet bailed on you? Ever wanted to to listen to our stuff straight from your iPod or MP3 player?

For quite a while now we’ve only distributed our music through our Myspace page, and most recently but not as notably our Facebook fan page. We thank all of you for your continuous support in visiting these pages to give our tunes a listen. Now, as a token of appreciation for our listeners and fans, and as a fresh way of further communicating with you all, we would like to present this procedure of getting some of our songs in your own hands (or hard-drives rather). Check the method:

  1. View our myspace or Facebook pages to view a listing of available songs
  2. Find the one you like, then contact us via one of several ways presenting your name, email address and song request:
  • Direct message to our Twitter
  • Personal message to our myspace
  • Personal facebook message to “Ishmael Islam” (Ish)
  • Email humuni.music@gmail.com or ishmael.islam@yahoo.com(Preferably email the humuni email)

3. Once you post those pieces of information to us, we will personally email you the .mp3 file of your requested song. And because we’re personally emailing it to you, there might be a nice little message written directly from us along with the file (should’ve added a P to our name for polite, hehe).

To take it to a higher level, we’d also like to do Q&A communication with you folks. Y’know, ask us any (well almost any) type of question in your messages and we’ll answer. Until we have a better formatted website and server space to host the files for more outward downloading, this more intimate method will have to do. Now, for this whole thing to work, we do need your cooperation and activity. It’s basically social networking, which is something you’re already used to (even by reading this blog post you are socially networking), so enhance the practice by getting downloads of our songs from us. How could you lose?! Hopefully this whole procedure goes well.

Peace and prepare for a pleasant tomorrow.


HumUni Signature


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