Rough Draft of our Bio

So here’s a shortened rough draft of our artist bio I typed up this morning. Lemme know what you think, does it actually read like a bio? Feedback folks, feedback!


It seems that in today’s world of hip hop, there are three types of artists: the unfortunate gimmicks, the trendy and plenty, and the ones whose artistry heightens by simply loving the art form. The Humble, Understanding, Money-making, Uniquely New Individuals, or HumUni (hyoom-yoo-ni), would fit into the latter. This Brooklyn duo consisting of emcees Mokgethi “Mega” Thinane and Ishmael “Ish” Islam formed in May 2008 during the process of completing a short film for their media class in high school.

While being best friends prior to HumUni’s creation, their chemistry constantly revolved around the love of music. In September of 2008, their potential as a new and refreshing hip hop group showed with the release of the song “HumUni Party” on their Myspace page. The song conjured nearly 3,000 plays within two months due to word of mouth around their school and their association with other teen organizations. As of now, the group has grown in their ability to make pure and organic hip hop music, and more people are beginning to take notice. The feel they give is that of Outkast, Black Star, and A Tribe Called Quest combined. For emcees so young, they are giving vintage hip hop. Their mission goes beyond Brooklyn, beyond New York City. At only age 17 (Ish) and 18 (Mega), HumUni wants to reach the masses of the world with their music, speaking on life in all aspects as they continue to grow and mature. If you still lingered on the concept of hip hop dying, or good music period, they are indeed a reason for hope.


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