Sneak Peek at Our Mixtape!!

Wouldn’t you like to hear us rip a couple of tracks? Well here you go!


Tell us what you think of those two so far. Personally, I think we bodied the “Say You Will” beat. Kanye, you made a monster of a track, the bass on that thing is, aww man. Hey, maybe he might come across it and link it on his blog, that’d be pretty dope.

Just from today’s session, we’re super excited about recording for this mixtape. What’s maintaining the motivation? We treat everything like it’s our first project, last project, the first and last album/song we will ever make. That doesn’t come in the output everytime honestly, and that goes for majority of artists, but it is the ideal to persist with. Thus, this mixtape is going to be super dope!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the sneak peek tonight and that it adds to your fun-filled Memorial Day weekend. Stay cool out there and enjoy the days. We have more content coming this weekend (i.e. video blogs) so check back soon. Thanks for the love and please leave feedback for us. Peace. 🙂



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