Double Dosage of Videos!

Good evening folks.

Here’s a couple of new music videos. First joint comes from the mighty Mos Def. He has the “Ecstatic” album dropping next month, which as a fan of the Boogeyman, I must say I’m excited about. This third single “Casa Bey” just got the music video treatment. The typography of his lyrics as he recites them is pretty cool.

Second song/video of the day comes from Maxwell. I know!–It’s been a while since we heard from this dude right? In any event, his new single is super-duper dope! It leaves a refreshing taste of R&B. Man, it seems like a song that will definitely grow on folks. It’s so effin’ soulful and grown, I’m lovin’ this joint! And just to give credit to Mega, he heard the song first, not me. Check out “Pretty Wings”:

The summer of music is heating up. Love this time of year. Nice to see artists and acts making good comebacks as well as some of the new wave of artists stepping up and impressing. It’s inspiring for the both of us y’know?

Hope your day was full of blessings and all that cool-diddly stuff. Later!



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