Ready for a Relapse?

Them red, orange, and yellow pills

Them red, orange, and yellow pills

Fresh out of the press release oven is the supposed official album art of Eminem’s May 19th release, Relapse. Being an artist and an addict of album art (reason why I love my iPod Touch) it’s pretty cool. A collage full of pills and the prescription tag.

I hope this album will be uber dope, I wonder what Slim has to discuss after a five year break and the fruits/spoils of stardom. Perhaps the album’s title leaves a lot up for discussion but we’ll see on May 19th.

On the HumUni agenda, we’re seriously considering doing a mixtape project. Besides, mixtapes are all everyone seems to value nowadays, you even get those few mixtapes each year that might as well be albums (i.e. Wale’s The Mixtape about Nothing). There’s nothing really wrong with that, but damn what ever happened to making dope albums? Albums that folks knew the whole tracklist for, we need that from the current legion of artists. Back on topic, doing a mixtape should be a good outlet for promotion, practice and creativity. We just gotta talk it out with Aztek about studio time. We’ll give out details later in the week, probably what we’ll title the mixtape. But while we construct that, you can still check out the single G&G at the myspace (link on the sidebar).

I’m gonna check out Asher Roth’s album in a bit, hopefully it’s good. Leave a comment folks. Peace!



One Response to “Ready for a Relapse?”

  1. Hey guys, if you need assistance with negotiating your studio time, as Aztek’s business partner, I’ll be glad to assist.

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